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The Sweetest Gems


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On this absolutely captivating candle are Red Jasper stones that emits strength that reassures you, supporting you on your life's journey. Calm down eventually with Red Jasper and enjoy its power to ground you and fill you with healing sensations. No matter where you are in life Jasper is a great confidant for enduring life's battle.


You'll see the power of Red Jasper through the scent of peaches throughout your living spaces. Meditate with ease as you find this candle giving off a clean burn. The flame blazes off of a cotton wick, melting Coconut and Apricot wax smoothly for as long as you need to clear your mind and decide your life.


Aroma is fruity with a hint of Vanilla. Notes include Raspberry, Plum, Violet, Peaches, Sugar and Vanilla