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The Sweetest Gems

Protection from Negativity

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The Black Tourmaline stone that sits on top of this two wick iridescent vessel aids in first removing all surrounding negative aura, then protecting that area from negative energy stress anxiety and doubt. Black Tourmaline cleans you emotionally spiritually physically promoting good health infusing into our pure coconut and apricot wax.


Our Coconut Apricot wax is a luxurious vegan blend of natural goodness. This creamy wax carries out a vibrant scent of Amber Noir that will whisk you away to peace and restoration. With clarity and intention, light this candle saying, "What is not supposed to come into my space will not penetrate this area." Know your mindset has the power to change your own life. You deserve opulence. You are protected!

Aroma is spicy yet sultry with notes including Mandarin, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Dark Musk, and Amber.